Response to a Thoughtless Liberal –


Ordinarily I do not respond to comments. Let the chips fall, etc. But dang, this is just too good an example of the Lib non-thought process to pass up. (See comment by “Fighting Racism” on Immigration and other such.)

First off, the first reaction of the Lib is to indulge in name calling – “MADE ME SICK’ – her caps, not mine. Secondly – the big lib card – racist. I invite her to show me where I have stated any position that is “racist”. It is obvious that she does not know the definition of the word.

Secondly, nowhere in this article do I call for closing the border to any legal and qualified immigrant from anywhere. I do call for stopping the influx of illegal immigrants. I do call for making the temporary worker permit process easier. I see no way that this is racist either.

This person indicates that she is a lawyer. Surely she should recognize the obligation of people to obey all of our laws. Picking and choosing which laws we would like or not like to observe is not a viable option. The thief thinks that he should be able to break the laws against theft. The serial murderer thinks he should not be held liable for breaking those laws that he doesn’t like. Come to think of it, “fighting racism” is a lawyer who helps people escape the consequences of their lawbreaking. Gee, that’s what O.J.’s defense team did. I suppose she thinks that we should give the illegals licenses and insurance at our expense.

My ancestors were also immigrants who worked hard. So, for that matter, have I. It is true that I make my living with my education and my brains now. I am not the least bit ashamed that I have gotten myself to where I work smart, not hard (physically) Note: every bit of education that I have had past the ninth grade I have paid for. All of it. Not subsidized by anyone else.

The other thing that would be nice would be for the individual to write a coherent English post. It would be nice if I could really figure out just what she objects to so strongly, other that a general “to hell with America and her laws” attitude. Does she object to my calling for legal immigration? Does she object to my stating that immigrants are obliged to learn my language, that I am not obligated to learn theirs or to provide interpreters at my expense? Does she object to the rational desire to keep out undesirable people such as criminals or terrorists? Does she protest the other nations of this earth which do control their borders? Or, like so many libs, does she only hate this great and generous nation of ours?

She brags that she is a lawyer for the government at my expense. Doubtless her education was paid for by me. It is of interest that the post is not in understandable English sentences. Since she does not know word definition (which should be crucial to a lawyer) and cannot write a coherent post, it is obvious that I am being ripped off by someone who did not benefit from the education which I provided and is unqualified for the job she holds. No wonder she has to work for the government.


2 Responses to “Response to a Thoughtless Liberal –”

  1. Lola Lee Beno Says:

    A lawyer whose command of the English language is poor? That’s quite an oxymoron. 😉

  2. Meg Says:

    Now, now, there is the occasional literate person who works for the government, such as my own dh, who was unable to find work after serving his country because no one wanted to hire a vet. Why do you think they have laws prohibiting discrimination against veterans nowadays??

    Yeah, I was real impressed with Honeycakes’ “response,” too. Can’t help wondering if she is the daughter of legal or illegal immigrants — makes a *big* difference to those of us who are descended from legal immigrants. My Polish stepfather’s parents had to work their buns off once they got here (and it never occurred to them to demand that their new country speak Polish just to accommodate them!), as did my own father’s Russian ancestors; meanwhile, my Irish mother’s people could still remember the days of “Irish need not apply.” Guess what?

    THEY ALL ARRIVED IN THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY. And they would have been embarrassed to death to have this kind of lawyer in the family. In fact, I can just picture their reaction: “Whats-a-matter you? You some kinda COMMUNIST?!?! Go back under that rock you just crawled outta!” And my mother would have added some choice words about Must Be Descended from the Sassanaghs (well, she *was* Irish. You should have heard her on the subject of my brother’s award from the FBI for breaking up an IRA gun-running operation out of NYC — she was *not* happy).

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