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I like heavy kitchen stuff. Iron skillets that have been well seasoned and well loved are just a joy to cook in. Unfortunately, my 12” iron skillet is getting way too heavy for one handed use. Two hands for worn out old guys.

Cooking: Gas range is a must. We put in gas the first week we were in this house. I can live with an electric oven, if I must, but I prefer gas. But cook tops – gas is the only option. I really like commercial ranges, but the kitchen in this house was obviously designed by a 70s construction worker. He may have heard of the “golden triangle”, because you can certainly get from the sink to the range to the refrigerator in one step. The counters and cabinets reflect this. I personally don’t mind a few steps to be able to have lots of cabinet and counter space. I would rather have more steps and less cramping. But I digress.

Appliances: I really like Kitchenaid appliances. They are heavy, smooth, long lasting. The only drawback is that they are not cheap. I am cheap, therefore a conflict of emotions when I have to spring for a new appliance. I search the web for the very best price over and over. Then I read user comments until my eyes blear. Then I usually decide to do without. I cuss and fuss in the kitchen, trying to get along without whatever gadget has seized my attention and for which I don’t have storage space. After a few days I realize that I really do need the new whatever. I then break down and do the whole internet search again, this time for the best brand (usually Kitchenaid) at the best price. Then I bravely place the order with the plastic that stands for the pound nearest my heart. Then I have to wait forever for UPS to deign to visit.

Cutlery: The only place I have never skimped. We have a complete set of all the Wüsthof Grand Prix commercial knives from the 70s. They take and hold a razor edge. I don’t know if they make these anymore, but if they did it would probably be around a grand to equal what we have. I would probably have palpitations and faint to pay that much for anything.

Mixer: Kitchenaid, of course. Heavy, smooth, strong. I just wish I had not cheaped out and had gotten the lift bowl instead of the hinge top. Oh well, this thing will last the rest of my life and then some, so it is not going to be replaced. Makes very short work of home sized bread, cookies, or whatever. Attachments also good for grinding up potatoes to make a Rosti – Swiss/German hash browns – damn tasty.

Yeah, I know about bread machines and we have one for when Herself gets on a kick. Arthurwrongus and any kind of real cooking is a bad combo. I don’t like them. I will probably have to break down and use it when the body deteriorates further. But dammit, part of the fun of cooking is the sensual use of the knife to do the chopping, the handling of the dough in its fine, smooth, plastic form when you pat down the various risings. I also like the feel of meat as it is sliced and formed. The bread machine just takes you too far away from the sensuality of cooking. Cooking is not just smelling and tasting, but also touching and hearing.

{{Herself Sez: Now that I’m getting more and more decrepit, and the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s heart is not doing well, I have to consider what to do if/when he precedes me in death. I used to be a pretty good cook – just have problems with standing for any length of time at the counter or the stove. But I LOVE homemade bread – especially the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s recipes! So, I have plans, in that eventuality, to get a Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine. I’ll miss out on the sensuality of the feel of the “handling of the dough in its fine, smooth, plastic form when you pat down the various risings,” but I’ll forgo that in order to have homemade bread!}}


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