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Immigration and other such –

18 September 07

To the Congress of the United States of America,

People, wake up. We, the citizens of the United States of America, would like for you to do your jobs. If we performed as badly on our jobs as you do, we would be fired. 20% approval rating indeed. Let us go back and review. You are not the Executive Branch. You do not govern the country. Your job is to legislate. Not have committee meetings to investigate who stole the toilet paper. Your job is also not to sell influence. Reid, you owe representation to your constituents, not the milk lobby. Feinstein, how dare you pose as a left peace-freak and push appropriations to your own military company? Did you people ever hear of moral integrity? Get some. It’s good for you. It’s good for the country. Remember, this is a representative republic. Your job is not to do the popular thing. You job is to do the right thing. Even if some of your constituents don’t like it. If the signers of the Declaration had gone by popular sentiment we would still be British Subjects. Stop pandering to the kooks. Stop the poisonous personal attacks. It is fine to disagree. Debate the ideas. Then vote your conscience. Quit buying votes. Quit being bought. You represent your constituents, not any foreign country. Not any lobby. Us. The people of America.

Immigration. What’s so hard about this? We’ve got fleas in the house, we need to get rid of them. I don’t think any rational person wants to close the country. What we do want is get the illegals out and control the borders. This is not hard to do. Most of the laws are already there. Enforce them. If that’s too simple for you, try this:

1. Any employer is fined $1,000 per employee per day if they are illegal. Enforce it.
2. Let the border patrol do its job. If a wetback gets shot, tough. Don’t cross the border illegally, you are breaking into my house.
3. Any landlord who rents to illegals is fined. Enforce it.
4. Any criminal is deported, any illegal is deported. If there has to be jail time, fine. Deport on discharge.
5. No welfare or medical care for illegals except minimal for absolute life saving.
6. A baby born to a foreign citizen is NOT a US citizen. Period.

Now there are 3 classes that should be allowed into the country:

1. Tourists. Keep track and make sure they leave when the visa is up.
2. Workers. There are thousands of companies that bring in executives, engineers or whatever. These people are necessary and welcome. Make sure that they leave when the visa is up.
3. Immigrants. Welcome. This is my house, there are a couple of rules. You must speak English. You must have a job. You may not go on welfare. You must be on the track to citizenship. You must learn our culture and customs. We will not use your language. We will not adopt your culture. You adopt ours,. What you do at home is your business, but in public, speak and act like an American. We don’t want to see your old flag, you must want to adopt ours. Don’t tell me how great it was back where. If it is that great, go back.

Now there is some talk that we have to have these illegals to do jobs that Americans won’t. Nonsense. Cut the welfare. Get the inner-city kids into a WPA type program. Get people working. If a head of lettuce goes up a nickel or a dime, so what. If we stop babying these illegals you can reduce my taxes enough to make up for it, especially if you stop the shameless pork barrel projects. If we still need more workers, then class #2 above should handle it. Speed up the background check and let employers bring people in to gather the crops or whatever. Make sure they leave when their visa is up. You can give 6 months to a year for illegals to liquidate and move out with no penalties. After the grace period is up, all illegals to be deported, all assets seized and auctioned to help pay the cost.

If the individual meets the requirements for immigration and for service and serves in the Armed Forces for 6 years, there should be citizenship for him(her) and the immediate family upon honorable discharge. If the individual wishes to become an officer after citizenship, then education and promotion should be available.


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