Satan and Rebellion –


One fine non-day – this was before God invented time and days and all that stuff – God was kicked back admiring His plans for creation. Lucifer (Satan) – lux opher – light bearer – brightest of all the Angels wandered by. Lucifer’s attention was caught by the plans on the drawing board. He looked carefully through each stage and admired the concept. He especially liked how everything was linked and interdependent. He was wowed and said so: “Cool, boss!” Then he got to the final creation. He was appalled. He was disgusted. He was horrified. He said so: “Boss! You are out of your mind! Look, this thing is spirit and physical! Why, look at how it processes energy. This is disgusting. This is terrible. These are the filthiest things I ever saw. Gross! Yech!”.

God just smiled and said: “These things are great. I’m going to make them my children. They will learn to love. I’m going to give them free will so they can learn great lessons. I’m just totally in love with them, they are going to be my greatest creation.”

Lucifer was nauseated. “Boss, you mean they are going to have a greater place than us angels?”

God thought a minute and said “Well, I suppose you could look at it that way. But really, I love all of you too. But I can join with these humans in ways I just can’t with you. They are different.”

Satan was so revolted, he revolted. Prematurely. Satan did not get as far as the last pages of the plans. He did see that God intended to become one of the humans. He did not see that the humans could/would actually become part of God Himself. If Satan had, he would have been even more appalled, but he would have known that he could not defeat the humans.

Terrible, nasty creatures. But with a capacity for Godhood when they love enough.


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