Fact, not Truth –


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

“Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”

I’m sure nearly everyone on the planet has heard that one by now. This applies to all fields of science. Now the left is busy having hernias over the “global warming” thing. Also firmly insisting that it is all America’s greedy fault. But I don’t see the libs voluntarily going to a subsistence level of living. Kennedy’s and Kerry’s give up their SUVs yet?

On the other paw – the conservatives are just as busy insisting “there ain’t no such thing, and if there were, we couldn’t do it.” Kind of like a kid in denial.

I find both positions sort of puzzling. Now, we surely don’t need people getting hysterical without facts. We don’t need lib politicians trying to silence any meteorologist who disagrees with the unproven (but politically correct) thing. Nor do we need to be running around passing laws to require cars to get a zillion miles per gallon, or light bulbs that are more hazardous waste.

Contrariwise, we don’t need to be insisting there couldn’t possibly be climate change headed our way. Sometime those crazy libs are right.

How ‘bout something unusual, like getting the facts:

Is there climate change going on?

1. If so, which direction? Good? Bad?

a. If bad, how is it going to affect the food supply?
b. Should we stockpile or take other precautions?

2. If so, what is causing it?

a. Can we do anything to ameliorate or rectify? Should we?

Let’s break this down. First question: is there a climate change?

If no, roll back over and snooze a little more and quit wasting my time and money.

If yes, then which direction is it going? Warmer, cooler? Is it perhaps overall positive for the planet? Is it going to really goof up the food supply? This translates as famine. People die. Can we stockpile enough supplies to ride this out? Do we need to take other precautions?

If yes, can we positively determine the cause? Is the sun simply going through a normal cycle? Is it something that we can address prophylacticly?

Now, lefties, I hope that you guys can see a couple of things here. One is that you can be wrong. Yes, it can happen. On the other hand, you could be right, that there is a climate change taking place. If this is true then you are only muddying the water with your hysterical calls for silly things like: use a single piece of toilet paper, change your light bulbs, ride a bicycle, and so on. If this is really true, then it is probably way beyond our ability to influence it. We should be worrying about surviving famine and pestilence and such like. Quit wasting our time with silliness and get in line to get serious science by appropriate disciplines.

Conservatives – aren’t you the guys who like to run around saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire”? Fine. There seems to be a boatload of smoke here. (Could be just hot air – but we don’t know). Quit procrastinating and fund some real research. I agree that the libs can be awfully shrill, irritating, and painfully smug. But really, guys, don’t let your dislike of these critters deter you from saving your collective butts. And those of your children. If you get facts that prove the pinheads wrong, great, beat them over the head with those facts and never let them forget they were wrong. But – we could get enough warning to survive. Not a bad idea.

See, right now the whole global warming thing is really a religious stance. The true believers on the left that have seen the light seem to think that they’ve got proof. That’s kind of like trying to prove God exists by quoting scripture. Works for true believers, but doesn’t work at all on the unbelievers. So you’d better get real climatologists, etc. to do the research. On the other hand the atheist position – “I just don’t believe it!” – of the right is just as religious. Not going to believe until bit on the butt with facts. Great. Now let’s get both sides together on getting the facts. See libs, us that don’t believe find your constant harping about as appetizing as you find having a fundamentalist preaching in your face. And you are both true believers in your causes.


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