Talk Radio and Other Media –


What on earth are you libs afraid of? Now, first off, you know that free speech is protected and you will lose in a decent court. Second, the freedom of the press is a constitutional fundamental. And you will lose on that count.

The free flow of opinions and ideas is fundamental to this country. Even the KKK and the Nazi party have been deemed to have the constitutional right to blather on as they choose.

The left has tried to fund Air America and other liberal radio. They did not attract enough listeners to be able to draw sponsors and failed miserably even with Soros’ money behind them. Liberals don’t seem to understand that conservative talk radio is also entertaining. You hate Rush, Sean, Neal, and all the rest without understanding them. Neal always states that all his facts should be checked before they are believed. For the most part American Corporations do not have political agendas. They fund things that draw audiences and put money in their pockets. You libs don’t seem to grasp fundamental economics. The corporations that do have political agendas tend to be liberal. You don’t seem to object to George Soros’ funding of liberal stuff. I don’t hear you libs yelling about Ben & Jerry. I don’t hear you telling PBS that they need to be more balanced. PBS is decidedly liberal. You seem to be only objecting to the fact that conservatism has a medium that the people of this country support with their pocketbooks. I don’t hear you slamming the newpapers, 99% of which are so liberal as to be sickening. I don’t hear you slamming the liberal one-sided nature of the major television networks. I don’t hear you wanting CNN, MSNBC, etc. to be more balanced. The only cable news that doesn’t lean left is FOX, and it seems to gripe you libs that they are balanced. Yes they are. I know you libs don’t see it, but FOX cable has just as many lib commentators as conservative. It appears that once again you are jerking the public off with grandstand hearings that are useless at best.

We would appreciate it if the liberal Congress got back to its job and quit wasting our time and money.

Speaking of money. We in the public know that liberals are two-faced liars. If you were serious about using taxes to “make the rich pay their fair share”, then Kennedy, Kerry, Feinstein, Polosi, Edwards, and all the rest of you rich fat-cats would donate your personal income above, say 1 million (which any rational human can live on nicely) to the IRS to help pay off the debt. Instead, you keep trying to tax productivity instead of fat-cat types. How about passing the Fair Tax? Then when the rich boys buy nice rich toys, they will surely pay their fair share. What a concept. Tax consumption, not production. Unless, of course, you guys muck it up with an exemption on yachts or some such. Probably each one of you will have to put in an exemption for the lobbies that own so much of your souls. Wait a minute, there is no tax on corporations, so the lobbyists should have no problem. The only special interests that should be upset is the IRS and the tax specialist companies. So why are you against a fundamentally fair system?


One Response to “Talk Radio and Other Media –”

  1. Andreas Ernest O'Dell Says:

    The liberals just don’t “get it.” They keep going by the same old worn out play-book of “No Ideas.”

    Only, their ideas sound great… to them. But my question is this: who’s going to pay for them?

    Yeah right! That goes for Billary and Obama, too.

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