Husband of the earth –


There is a movement among the leftier liberals. The participants thereof are frequently referred to as “tree-hugger” or “environazis”. Not terribly inaccurate, actually. These people are against any use of the earth’s resources. It is almost as though the earth were a goddess and we merely a nasty infection. I disagree with this proposition.

There is, as usual in human interactions, an opposite view. Clear cut, strip mine or whatever else serves the purpose. Dump the products of industry wherever it suits. These people used to be called “robber barons”. Also not terribly inaccurate. There are probably some viler epithets that can be used. They can’t be vile enough. These creatures steal not only from us, but also for our descendants. I also disagree with this proposition, even more strongly.

Now, in Genesis it is recorded that God gave Man dominion over the earth. You can get all kinds of explanation of that basic little statement. The anti-Christian crowd seems to think that this means Christians (and Jews) are supposed to trample the earth. This is a silly and ridiculous statement. The Greek of the Septuagint makes it abundantly clear that the concept is stewardship or husbanding. Among the meanings of husband is the original Norse meaning: Head of the household. Also the familiar: Mate of a woman. Now here’s the real article at hand: To use carefully, to conserve.

I submit that it perfectly all right to use the resources of this good earth. Carefully. The animals that are worshipped by the more radical left use the resources as they damn well please with no regard for the consequences. We must be more respectful. You don’t shit in your living room if you are civilized and housebroken. BTW – you lefties ever seen a wood after beavers have used it? Looks as bad as any clear cut I ever saw. Maybe worse. However, back to business. It is ok to harvest trees. But don’t strip the woods. Do replant properly. Take care that the animals that use the wood will be able to thrive. Mama earth is a wonderful survival machine. God gave it to us. You don’t throw gifts into a cesspool, do you? Strip mining. Actually this can be a total disaster or not. Depending. The removed material can be replaced and planted. Costs a little bit, but less costly in the long run than loosing part of the earth. And you do have to reasonable about when to use this technique. I’m afraid this does have to be covered by legislation, much as I hate extra laws. Mankind can be remarkably shortsighted. And corporations (see an earlier rant) have no conscience except profit.

Now, if you are a housebroken, responsible, and civilized person, and you borrow something from a neighbor, how do you return it? Let’s say a saw. Do you return it broken and dulled? No. You do not. You return it sharp, well oiled, and clean. If it breaks while you are using it, don’t you get it repaired or replace it at your own expense? How then, if we are borrowing God’s creation, should we not be at least as careful and considerate? For, no matter what the deeds to our land say, we don’t own it. We are only borrowing it for a time.

I love it when people miss the whole concept of manhood. Anyone with an I.Q. larger than a rock knows that women nurture. Men, well, most people don’t seem to know what men do. They work jobs, they put food on the table, they have affairs. They plot bad things all day and into the night. Whoa. Put on the brakes. If that was what men were we would have died out a long time ago. What a real man does is husbanding. Yes, he’s head of a household (or a member thereof). But wait – there’s more. For if he does not nurture his family and husband their resources responsibly the family probably won’t survive. At least in the past. Now they may survive physically, but the mind, soul, and spirit will be damaged if the guy does not properly husband his family. Extend it a bit – we must also husband our neighbors, our community, our nation, and our planet. If we fail in this, we as a society will fail and be replaced by a stronger people. If we as the human race fail, we will die in the filth we have made of God’s precious gift to us. Free will, another great gift comes into play here. We also get the consequences of our actions.

Hey — you women don’t get off scott-free, either. You must nurture and respect this earth and its resources, too. I talk more to the guys because they need it more. Women are smarter than men, frequently. You still get all the same responsibilities. O well, welcome to humanity. We’re all in the same boat!


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