Damn Henry Higgins, anyway –


There is a song in My Fair Lady done by Henry Higgins: “Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?” This is one of the great mysteries of life to me. I’m sure you’ve met several of the Higgins type, they like sex with women, but don’t like women. They are incapable of any sort of reasonable relationship with a woman, and usually talk pretty bad about them.

The flip side is, of course, the women who just can’t seem to understand that their guys are not their girlfriends and will never do the touchy-feely “sharing” type things that the girlfriends would. (Well maybe a bit in the courtship phase, but not after the lust level has lowered).

Major news release: Men and Women are different critters! I personally like women a whole lot, but I am not one. Thank God Herself is an exceptional woman who realizes that I will never be her girlfriend. That is what she has a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and her biddy buddies at the Red Hat Society. Contrariwise – Herself is not “one of the guys”, even though she really likes the company of men. I can get a guy fix from the woodworkers I see every couple of weeks. Also from work. But Herself is my wife, not a guy friend, and I am her husband, not one of her girlfriends. We like it that way. One of the reasons our life has been so rich and peaceful is that Herself has never set up false expectations about what kinds of things I will or will not do. Therefore she is not disappointed when I don’t do them. Flower, birthdays, etc. I think that so many people set up false expectations about what the other person should do that the strain of having the false expectation not met can be very detrimental to said relationship.

Hormones are powerful drugs.


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