DDT and other Liberal Lies –


The first big lie by a liberal that I was conscious of was the whole Ralph Nader thing in ’65. I think it was called “Unsafe at Any Speed”. Nader basically scared the public to death and caused the death of the Covair with half-truth, innuendo and outright lies. I drove the Covair. Particularly the Spyder, which was one hot little car. I thought that it handled very nicely. Yes, it could understeer a bit at 80 or better. Most cars do, and if you don’t have the skills, any car will kill you at large speeds. If you don’t believe that, why don’t you kick your whatever, probably Japanese, up to around 80 or 90 and then jerk the steering wheel about 90°. It should be a learning experience. People should be given facts and allowed to make up their own minds. Isn’t that what libs say when we tell them the drugs they like will kill them?

The other biggie that I remember was the hoorah over Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”.  Yeah, I know it was before Nader, but I am talking about my memory here. Now I’m not going to knock Carson too hard. Yes, the book was preliminary and perhaps premature. It was, however, a popular book and not hard science. My problem is not so much with Carson as the hysterical libs and tree-huggers who took it as gospel rather than as preliminary. The proper response was not to eliminate DDT, but rather to use it responsibly and to do further research until scientific fact was discovered. Then form policy based on fact, not guesswork, conjecture and wishful thinking. The people in Africa are still dying from malaria, which DDT is certainly effective in eliminating. The problem with most people is that they go with the “a little is good. More is better” school of un-reasoning. Therefore, the people who used DDT went nuts with it. The left went nuts (and continues to do so) with insufficient evidence to support a conclusion. 

Light bulbs – the libs are now convinced that changing a light bulb to the low-e type florescent will save the planet. Now- wait a minute – the new fluorescents cost a bundle more. Well, that is ok if it lowers power bills and lasts long enough. It turns out that the first part is marginally true, barely. OK, now the second. I have used these things around my house for the last 5 years or so. I find absolutely no evidence that they last long enough to be useful or economical. BUT WAIT! – THERE’S MORE. If you bother to read the packaging with these little jewels, you will see that they are all made with mercury vapor. Now mercury is a hazardous substance. It says so right here on the label. If you just toss it in the garbage, you are breaking the environmental laws passed by the afore referenced tree-huggers. If you break it in your house, the lefty laws state that you cannot clean it up yourself, it should be done by a licensed hazardous waste disposal specialist. Cost you about 2 grand, it will. Now wait a minute environazies! Instead of legislation (which is what they’re pushing), why don’t you invent a better bulb, that will be more economical and safer. If you develop a better bulb, even if it is more expensive initially, it will drive the existing bulbs off the market. You will make a fortune, which you can donate to whatever nut cause you like, or even (horrors!) put it in your own pocket, or use it to fund more research, or pay your investors back, and the earth will be a better place. Yes libs, you probably will have to have investors to fund your research. Investors are called shareholders. They tend to want something for their money. Like more money. And no, you probably can’t get a big enough government grant to develop and bring your bulb to market. Maybe this is why it is you libs always want to legislate instead of create? 


One Response to “DDT and other Liberal Lies –”

  1. Meg Lark Says:

    WHOA, I didn’t realize that about the enviro-bulbs! Glad you posted that — I’ll continue to use my nice, safe, incandescent bulbs and sleep peacefully at night!

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