YO! Congress!!


Yo, Congress! –

Is anybody awake up there?

Dems – I reckon y’all must be just about the smartest people in the world. You can legislate about anything. Why, just getting elected seems to turn even a dull dolt in a being of godlike intellect that can figure out anything. You keep diddling with the largest economy in the world with no understanding of rudimentary economics. You can legislate for cars and mandate what fuel economy will be while knowing nothing about physics. Same on refineries and exploration. Now you will be regulating fuel costs without increasing production. What genius! Something for nothing! And GLOBAL WARMING. My goodness, while no real scientist (read interested in facts), knows whether or not we really have global warming, if so, how much, or what causes it, you guys are ready to start legislating like mad and all worked up because we don’t jump on the junk-science bandwagon with the rest of the lib countries. Of course, Kyoto and other such are aimed at us, while Africa, China, most of the developing world that produces most of the pollution now are exempt. But hey, if you can’t blame America for all the problems in the world, you just wouldn’t be happy. What’s that, you say? “There is a consensus among scientists?” First off, science is fact. Repeatable fact. Demonstrable fact. Unarguable fact, not consensus. Consensus among what kind of scientists? Now, it is one thing if the community of climatologists agree on global warming, cause and all. I’m likely to listen. But what do biologists, etc. have to do with anything? These birds can report on effect, if any, in their area of study. They are not qualified to address cause. And it seems to me, the last time I heard climatologists discuss same, that they were unsure if we were having a normal cyclical effect or what. There is considerable evidence that the sun is warmer. There is evidence that Mars has reduced ice caps. It must be nice to know that we are so powerful that using less light and driving less will affect the sun and Mars. Like I said, godlike.

Republicans – you didn’t think you would get off free, did you? Now I’ll agree, most of you guys are relatively harmless. You don’t do much, either. Maybe you take your bribes quietly. The dems are better because they have the press convinced that cold cash is ok & get a pass. Others seem to be happy just chasing pages. Now really, guys, Bill Clinton can get away with it. Ted Kennedy can get away with it. Barney Frank can get away with playing with the boys, but don’t you know that if you are a Republican the press is going to have a field day? On the other hand, some of the Republicans are really dangerous. Particularly the ones that think they are libs. McCain. McCain-Feingold. Not only disasterous but unconstitutional. Not to mention bone-head stupid. That idiot Specter. That moron from Texas that thinks losing a war is cool. George Bush. Now I don’t like Bush. Not for the same reason the libs hate him. I don’t like or want compassionate conservatism that has no backbone and would grant amnesty to 20 million lawbreakers. Nonsense. Looky-here guys. Reagan blew it on immigration, but he was right most other places. While he may be vilified by the press and that hurts your little feelings, it was Reagan Conservatism that put most of you birds in office. That’s what the voters requested. Ya’ll really should be in a circus instead of in Congress. That’s the best bait and switch shuffle I ever did see. You guy are really good. BTW – if the Republicans don’t get a grip we will have lib rule again. And if the country lasts long enough the Republican Party will be replaced by a truly conservative party. Now Republicans, don’t sweat it. When the dems rule for a while they will surrender to Al-Quaeda and you won’t have to worry about being replaced. Why, there just won’t be any more political parties at all.

And goodness, the founding fathers must have really been jerks, imagine, they seemed to think that the Executive branch ran things day-to-day. Really, it seems to be you guys that run the country. Heavens, you hold hearings on everything. You subpoena everything. Never mind that sensitive documents will be leaked by some of your cohorts. You seem to think that the Executive branch can’t hire, fire, or fart without your permission. Like I said, Washington and the rest must have been stupid. And y’all really are godlike. I’m impressed. NOT.


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